We believe travelers deserve fair prices and transparency.

Hotels and Online Travel Agencies use a variety of techniques to optimize their revenues. We want to bring back power to travelers and give them a simple tool that allows them to better understand how the pricing of their hotel rooms works and always get the fair rate they deserve. This is why our people work to improve Marty every day.

The people behind Marty

The world is beautiful. Our team is committed to build a simple and accessible product people love and that empowers them to see more of it.

Rémi Demarest


Rémi entered the tech industry as a product specialist. His passion for tech products led him to join Dashlane as a Product Manager back in 2015.
Later Rémi started Ask Marty with one goal: allow more people to travel and bring back transparency in hotel booking.

Mehdi Djabri

Head of Product

Passionate about Design and Travel, Mehdi worked with several Silicon Valley companies in the transportation industry including Lyft, Spot Angels (parking assistant), Shone (autonomous ships) and aviation startup Blackbird as Head of Product.

Flora Michalon

Product Designer

Flora is our Product and Brand Designer. Passionate about travel, she previously worked in several Design agencies across the world from Paris to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. She gratuated from HETIC.

Alban Dumouilla

Tech Advisor

Alban started his career as a developer in the innovation lab of Indeed.com. Next, he founded a digital art company in San Francisco, before returning to France after five years to become CTO at NUMA, a position he held for almost three years.

Ivan Litovsky

Data Advisor

Ivan brings his expertise in Data to help Marty build the world-class algorithms and technology that allow us to monitor rates for you. Ivan is an entrepreneur in residence at BigBlank and previously worked in top French startups such as Criteo.

We're backed by leaders in the travel industry

Marty is a project launched with the support of BigBlank.